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Torahlife Ministries

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Unlimited 5% Contribution to Torahlife Ministries!

When you travel with, we will contribute 5% of the total hotel accommodation to Torahlife Ministries.

All you have to do is book your hotel through this link:

Book hotel to benefit Torahlife Ministries

Torahlife Ministry, a devision of Torahlife Ministries Inc., is a non-profit, educational ministry whose vision is two-fold:

  • To educate and lead the community of believers – Jew and non-Jew – in their faith and understanding of their Messiah, focusing on the scriptures of the Tanakh ("Old Testament") and the Brit Hadashah ("New Testament"), and through the use of histories (Jewish, Church, World), printed materials, books, internet, and media
  • To be an outreach for the Messianic Movement in prisons, churches, Messianic synagogues, and bible groups through speaking tours, events, internet, books, media, and weekly printed materials

This offer is available to all members of Torahlife Ministries, their families, their friends, and any constituents. There is no limit to how many times one may travel.

Enjoy your trip!

Payment will be made by Check to Torahlife Ministries. 5% contribution will be calculated based on the total amount of the rooms portion of the hotel stay and will be paid once receives the corresponding commission payment. Please allow 60 days after travel for our contribution.