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Montreal, Quebec

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Montreal is Canada's most diverse metropolis. Many have described it as resembling Vienna. It is a very much a year round destination with its diversity of restaurants, attractions and festivals. Montreal is home to the RÉSO, the underground city, a subterranean network of walkways, shopping centers, restaurants, movie theatres and subway stations that covers an astounding 33 kilometres downtown. If you plan your trip right, you'll barely have to go outside, unless you want to.

Montréal's restaurant scene is one of Canada's most cosmopolitan . With trendy eateries popping up regularly, their menus heavily influenced by flavors from around the globe, often with an added touch of French flair. There is superb shopping with a distinctly French flair celebrated with more than ninety festivals per year throughout the year. Museums are first rate and beautiful architecture abounds.

Montréal is a city of neighborhoods with distinct personalities, which creates a broad spectrum of options when it comes to deciding on a place to stay. The downtown core provides more of a universal lodging experience with all the big chain hotels you'd find in any city, while Old Montréal, the Plateau, and other surrounding areas have unique French inns and boutique hotels.

From 5-star hotels to welcoming bed and breakfasts , you’ll find the perfect place to stay in one of the favorite hotels in Montreal... The Vienna of the Americas!

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