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Called "the Other Emerald Isle" for what will surely be a unique and memorable vacation experience.

Montserrat's has a rich history unique to the Caribbean. Throughout the island you will always be surrounded by incredible scenery and spectacular coastal views. If you are seeking an active vacation, you can hike one of nine world-class hiking trails, participate in a number of water sports both above and below the water surface or simply relax on secluded black sand beaches. "Liming" with the locals is quite popular. A "must see" is a visit to Soufrière Hills Volcano whose eruption created a modern day Pompeii, in the capitol city of Plymouth.

Montserrat's beauty extends below the surface as well and there are a number of dives sites around the island both for novice as well as for experienced divers. The coral reefs on Montserrat's coast offer a variety of tropical fish and other exotic undersea life. St Patrick's Day is celebrated as a national holiday with a lively week-long festival.

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